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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Why study the Humanities?

“We call those studies liberal, then, which are worthy of a free man: they are those through which virtue and wisdom are either practised or sought and by which the body and mind is disposed to the best things. “ Pier Paolo Vergerio,
The Character and Studies Befitting a Free-Born Youth (c. 1402.)

At Chavagnes the study of the humanities is in the great tradition of liberal education. This kind of education is not simply a dry theory, nor is it restricted to those subjects now named humanities, although its principles are mostly clearly seen in our teaching of these disciplines.

Liberal education is the transmission of our great western cultural patrimony to our young. But it is more than that: its aim is to make every student his own man: free and capable of using his reason, fit to take part in the “great conversation” begun in fifth-century Athens and continuing to this day.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New vision of science ... from our curriculum site

Science, where the senses and the intellect meet …
Science is about bridging the world of the senses – the tangible, the audible, the visible – with the world of the intellect – the far reaching patterns of abstract concepts which allow us to impose order and system on what we perceive through the senses. The College believes that both piers of the bridge should be buttressed. Through a rich program of practical activities the students are exposed to as much real experience of see, hear and touch scientific phenomena as possible. On the other pier, the College is committed to a careful and scrupulous teaching of scientific concepts, informed both by historical awareness of their genesis and the determination to impart ideas in a clear, rigorous, but accessible way.

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