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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A truly bilingunal and bicultural education

At Chavagnes we are really beginning to experience now the originality and creativity that spring from the meeting of two cultures. This year three of our pupils (and this is the fifth year we have been doing this) sat for their French 'brevet' exams, validating the end of their Year 10 studies. We are pleased to tell you that all three passed the exams, one with a commendation : "Mention bien". Two of these boys also sat a number of GCSE subjects and will sit a few more next year.

Two of our young Frenchmen going rather early into our Lower VIth, one at 15 and one at 14 (!) this coming September are both looking into applying for Cambridge, but will hedge their bets by sitting the French Bac as well as the UK A-levels ... A visitor recently described one of these two as 'a perfect English gentleman'.

Meanwhile, of our English pupils, a number of them sat French GCSE early this year (boys from Year 9 or 10) and we expect some good results from them soon.

Another one of those bicultural moments was when our scouts ('Les Scouts de Chavagnes' as they call themselves) distinguished themselves by their gusty singing of "Rule, Britannia" on the Pentecost Chartres Pilgrimage ...

Floreat Chavagnes !

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