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Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday outing

Mr McDermott has been recovering more quickly than expected. After making a dramatic return in an ambulance, he only spent a few weeks in a wheelchair and was then able to follow us around on foot. This was met with a natural sense of joy at his returning health mixed with a slight sense of regret from pupils and staff alike that they were once again pursuable.

Sunday afternoons at a boarding school are the only times where it is possible to undertake anything spectacular in our free time. However, most people prefer to wile away the time sitting in boredom in front of a computer. Last Sunday, however, there was an opportunity to go to the opera to enjoy a performance of Falstaff. The performance was in Italian, with surtitles in French. Not being opera aficionados, we waited for the appearance of the fat lady, which would signal the approaching end. In fact the only thespian of imposing stature was Falstaff, the pompous, bigheaded and comical main character. Falstaff is also a tragic person who, due to his appearance, cannot find love. He falls in love with two ladies, who then play tricks on him; such as throwing him into a river with a load of dirty washing.

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