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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Scout Weekend

On Saturday the 27 March we woke up to a sunny day- a good omen for the long walk ahead. Leaving soon after midday, the temptation for a little detour prevailed, and we only arrived at our destination, the abbaye de la Grainetière, near Parc soubise, late in the afternoon. We were allowed to pitch our tent in the cloister, and had an abundant dinner of food that we had brought with us. When we woke up on Sunday it had started raining, so we had breakfast in our tent.Soon after, we attended mass in the monastery's chapel. The way back proved a lot harder, because, apart from being longer, we were already tired, and the rain made our bags heavier. However, we all made it back to school safe and sound, and enjoyed our school dinner with great enthousiasm. Ironically, it was those who complained on the walk who stayed up longest. It was a great experience, and we would like to do it again.

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