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Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Promise: Louis Vadot Renoul, Mr. Tyldesley and Father Rowe

The chapel is readied
After a time of preparation, one day it was time for Louis to take his scout promise. It is not something to be taken lightly and a scout is allowed time to make sure he is ready for the commitment to charity, loyalty and obedience that it requires. Louis' hard work in the patrol had matured him to the extent where he merited admission into the state of the fully-fledged scout. Joining him in this commitment was our chaplain and Mr. Tyldelsey. The location was the tiny and atmospheric St. Joseph's chapel by the lake at the back of the school.
The altar is readied

St. Joseph looks on


The camp fire
Non-scouts enjoy the fire and lend a prayer


Louis makes his promise with one hand on the altar cloth

Mr. Tyldesley makes his promise

Father makes his promise grasping the altercloth
The scene outside
The handshake

Our torchbearers with Mr. Crawford

After an all-night vigil of adoration the three new members of Scouts dee Chavagnes were sworn in at dawn holding onto the altarcloth. As symbols of their new membership they received our capbadge and the Vendeen sacred heart.

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